31 July 2016

Top 10 Android Games of 50 MB

10. Pou
Updated on: 12-Jan-2016
Download size: 20.71MB

9. Rolling Sky
Download size: 30.81MB
Offered by: Clean Master Games

8. slither.io
Download size: 19.44MB
Offered by: Lowtech Studios

7. Mobile Strike
Download size: 45.18MB
Offered by: Epic War

6. Candy Crush Saga
Download size: 66.56MB
Offered by: King

5. Dragon City
Download size: 51.65MB
Offered by: Social Point

4. Subway surfers
Download size: 56.78MB
Offered by: Kiloo

3. Temple Run 2
Download size: 49.31MB
Offered by: Imangi Studios

2. Clash of Clans
Download size: 61.63MB
Offered by: Supercell

1 Pokemon Go
Download size: 59.91MB
Offered by: Niantic, Inc.

11 March 2015

jolo.in alternative

In the recent days, jolo.in free recharge api provider has become more worse than ever. no recharge was successful but the amount getting deducted ,emailed them (sales@jolo.in) couple of times  asking whats going on? no reply yet.

my previous blog post was about mobikwik recharge api.  so in this post i am writing to tell you all how i migrated to mobikwik api without disturbing my current site setup.

here is the trick for Operator code mapping

$op='AT'; //operator code for jolo



$uid='email@example.com';  //your mobikwik username probably email id
$pwd='123456';  //your mobikwik password

$amt=; //amount variable
$cn=; //cell number variable

$cir=11; //this can be ignored



//echo $url;

//do something

//do something

5 February 2015

mobikwik recharge api


$uid='';  //your mobikwik username probably email id
$pwd='';  //your mobikwik password

$amt=10; //amount
$cn=9895098951; //cell number

$op=1; //operator id see below for list
$cir=11; //circle id see below for list






Operator and Circle

OperatorID    Operator
1    Airtel
2    Vodafone
3    BSNL
4    Reliance CDMA
5    Reliance GSM
6    Aircel
7    MTNL ( Pin based only)
8    Idea
9    Tata Indicom
10    Loop Mobile
11    Tata Docomo
12    Virgin CDMA
13    MTS ( Pin based only)
14    Virgin GSM
15    S Tel

Circle ID    Circle
1    Andhra Pradesh
2    Assam
3    Bihar & Jharkhand   
4    Chennai
5    Delhi & NCR
6    Gujarat
7    Haryana
8    Himachal Pradesh
9    Jammu & Kashmir
10    Karnataka
11    Kerala
12    Kolkata
13    Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai)
14    MP & Chattisgarh
15    Mumbai
16    North East
17    Orissa
18    Punjab
19    Rajasthan
20    Tamilnadu
21    UP(EAST)
22    UP(WEST) & Uttarakhand
23    West Bengal

P.S: MobiKwik is a Bitch.
Enjoy the Bitch ;)

28 December 2014

Find rank of user(s) using mysql query

SELECT 1 + (
SELECT count( * )
FROM user a
WHERE a.balance > b.balance ) AS rank,id
FROM user b
ORDER BY rank;

table structure

id balance
1 0.50
2 0.25
3 0.10
4 1.20

rank id
1 4
2 1
3 2
4 3

if you want get rank of a specific user use where clause like this

SELECT 1 + (
SELECT count( * )
FROM user a
WHERE a.balance > b.balance ) AS rank,id
FROM user b WHERE id='1'
ORDER BY rank;

17 April 2013

import GeoIP csv to MySQL DB provided by MaxMind

you can download GeoIP csv database from http://www.maxmind.com/download/geoip/database/GeoIPCountryCSV.zip

unzip  and extract the csv file just upload it your web server

foreach($ips as $ip)
$ip=str_replace('"',"'",$ip); //this variable cantains sample string '','','16777216','16777471','AU','Australia'   which means you can use this string directly in mysql insert query

//perform your mysql insert query here


that is all :))

14 April 2013

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