4 August 2017

bsnl 's digital india journey begins with blocking ssh port 22


As you may have noticed BSNL broadband users no longer able to access to their remote servers through SSH ,

also many users reported the same here https://broadbandforum.co/threads/bsnl-broadband-seems-to-have-blocked-ssh-port-22-on-their-network.151617/

if you have root access to your remote server you can use iptables's port redirect rule to fuck dumb bsnl bastards right in their holes.

run this simple command once you logged into your remote server using VPN or proxy.

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 222 -j REDIRECT --to-port 22

you can change 222 to any number you want but make sure the port number is not already in use.

after this, just change port from 22 to 222 in your putty or any ssh client,now you should be able to access your server without VPN or proxy.

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